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How to increase conversion? Do you want to start cooperation with us? Fill out the Brief! Completing the brief. Will take you a few moments and will allow us to better prepare for the conversation with you. COMPLETE THE BRIEF Subscribe to the newsletter! Semahead is part of the Google Partners International Growth Program From the life of Semahead April , semahead Semahead Agency join the elite group of over a dozen agencies in EMEA and only a few in Poland that receiv an invitation to the Google Partners International Growth Program.  Of activities relat to performance marketing in its services, participation in the Google program was a natural step in the velopment of the company.

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What is the Google Partners International Growth Program? Google Partners International Growth Program is an exclusive partner program whose main goal is to create an ecosystem of agencies cooperating with Google that support enterprises in expanding into foreign markets. We can count on the help of Google consultants in planning advertising activities for given markets and we get access to dicat tools for export analytics. Expansion into new markets is a Iran Phone Number List natural direction of velopment for many e-commerce companies. According to Google data, % of brands plan to introduce their product or service to foreign markets in the next years. Participation in the program means for Semahead the opportunity to epen the knowlge gain on several global markets.

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Together with the tools offer by Google. We become an even more qualitative partner in the implementation and planning of strategic international projects.  And access to data is a guarantee of real sales forecasting on foreign markets. Knowlge-bas planning and implementation of effective. Actions for our partners – says yta Frąckowiak, Vice Presint of the Management Board of Semahead. We have LOB Directory been helping our clients to conquer foreign markets for years.

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