In , billion messages were sent and receiv daily, while in this number was over billion! Source: Radicati Email Statistics Report. But what to do to increase the effectiveness of sent messages? These most important steps will help you increase your conversion and therefore your potential revenue. Among other things: how to encourage users to open your messages; what good mailing should contain; how to create a good email creation; how often to send newsletters; why analysis of reports is so important. Email is now an integral part of using the internet. All types of accounts that we set up in social mia, applications or when registering for purchases require an e-mail address.

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According to the Email Statistics Report, half of the world’s population uses email. You can use email marketing to build a positive image of your brand, convert a lead into a customer, maintain constant contact with the customer, ucate him, as well as complete sales. On average, we receive over information mailings every dayabout current promotions.  About implementing activities that will allow you to stand out from the others in order to achieve the highest Indonesia Phone Number List possible conversion. How to optimize activities to do this? Here are some examples of how you can increase your conversion.

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How to encourage the user to open mailings and newsletters? Remember that you only have a few seconds to engage the user after opening the email. Mailing should be clear and legible and should encourage the user to click, rirecting them to the target page.  Opens an email from you, he must be interest in it. The first recommend thing is to adjust the appropriate sending time, i.e. the day and time when the e-mail will be sent to the inbox of the contact. Shipping systems build this functionality bas on a variety of factors, such as email LOB Directory opens, clicks, page visits, and transaction volumes.

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