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In this article you will learn among

For the last few years, Google has been regularly implementing and pushing mechanisms bas on machine learning to help better manage and optimize Google Ads campaigns. What tools does Google offer? Are slots the future of paid campaigns? Other things: what data Google collects and how much it knows about us, what are the pros and cons of campaign automation, what solutions does Google propose. Semahead CSS Machine learning has been talk about in the PPC expert Croatia Phone Number List community for years. Google has long announc the emergence of newer and newer solutions bas on machine learning. No one expect the revolution to happen so quickly. In the last – years, Google has flood us with automatic solutions.

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What data do Google machines collect from us

Which from “bet” have become elements of campaigns recommend by Google. The Mountain View tycoon has a strong argument to argue that machines work better than people: machines use millions of signals collect and available in the system. And there are a lot of these.  Google is a real information harvester. Its ecosystem includes, among others: Chrome search engine, Gmail, YouTube, virtual drive, calendar, Google Maps or Android: the most popular smartphone software. In addition, Google cooperates with many entities in the world, combining LOB Directory them into an advertising network reaching millions of Internet users.

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