Robots pharmaceutical robots disinfectant robots and patient companion robots that help alleviate loneliness treat mental health problems or even help children with chronic diseases. These were some of the most famous technological trends in the mical sector that chang the ways of providing health care to patients and also contribut to developing and accelerating disease detection providing consultations and saving time and effort. However this sector faces major challenges that make it difficult for the health care industry to digitize its services.

Challenges of digital transformation

The healthcare sector Cyber ​​security Organizational readiness Difficulty managing data Accessing healthcare data is very complex Privacy Malaysia Telegram Number Data concerns regarding patient data Budget constraints for development purposes Healthcare data is not consistent across providers and centers Read also The most important advantages and challenges of digital transformation in the healthcare sector In conclusion we find that the spread of the Covid.

Telegram Data

Pandemic was an additional

Factor in accelerating digital transformation in the healthcare sector as hospitals and health institutions became more prepar to adapt to digital Chile Phone Number List transformation processes which have become a necessity rather than an option. However healthcare providers ne to understand that Keeping up with digital transformation in healthcare can be overwhelming so it’s important to determine which technology is worth investing in to support a successful digital health transformation. Mi Master hospital management program is your first step to managing your health institution in a digital way that keeps pace with current technological developments.

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