Here are our other tips that can be useful beyond an e-commerce site. Newsletter Encourage the user to subscribe to the Newsletter. By offering him a bonus in the form of a discount on the first purchase. Or a free gui with practical knowlge.  More than a page that takes ages to load. Google research from show that a page loading longer than seconds loses about % of conversions compar to one that loads second. None of us want to waste time on websites that stutter or load slowly.

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Check your page load time using pagespe.web.v or by analyzing the GA site spe report: page loading spe For inspiration to improve your page load spe, check out  Proven Ways to Improve Your Page Load Spe Mobile-Friendly More and more people make purchases using mobile phones.  Is mobile-friendly. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to: enlargement of a Kuwait Phone Number List button of great importance so that the user can find it quickly and easily click on it, e.g. Buy Now , Cart , use of infinite scroll, the ability to contact the company with one click, e.g. on the phone icon.

Phone Number List

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Search engine If your store offers a large number of products, give the user the ability to search for them using the search engine. She must:  Right corner of the page. Good at aling with spelling mistakes, abbreviations. Show relevant results that are comprehensive and accurate. Use autosuggestion. If there are no results, indicate another search or another path. It is worth it to show the most popular products, discount products. After implementing the search engine, you can check what customers are looking for on your website. All you have to do is configure the option to LOB Directory track search results on your website using Google Analytics settings.

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