Among all the condominium projects

In Singapore, Treasure at Tampines is the most affordable luxury project and is well-equipped with all sorts of facilities and essentials within the development. Privacy People who love privacy and a peaceful environment mostly look for condos. Condos ensure complete privacy, and in Treasure, at Tampines, every property is separated from the others. All the condos have proper soundproof walls and intelligent layouts, which ensure a high level of privacy. These features make a great difference. Modern amenities Homebuyers nowadays not only look for basic facilities but also ensure that the development offers modern amenities as well.

Some of these modern

A fully-equipped fitness center internet UAE Phone Number Data sheltered parking. Garden, pools, shopping complexes, medical facilities, dining, entertainment. Lifestyle amenities, and others. All these facilities do not only make life comfortable but also ensure luxury. For a clear idea of the entire project, people are requested to visit Treasure at Tampines Snowfall. This helps people make a wise decision. With the arrival of online property portals. Hill property owners were depending on and using the local hill real estate agencies or agents to sell property in hill stations. They were providing a complete spectrum of services, like sourcing the buyer, site visit assistance, document coordination, negotiation, and registration assistance.

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Despite all these advantages

this traditional real estate mechanism LOB Directory started losing its charm due to its deficiency in reaching out to buyers quickly or difficulty finding buyers. On the other hand, online property portals reach out to buyers instantly and beyond boundaries. They get enormous buyer leads to the sellers in no time. Their advertisement fee or listing fee is cheaper when compared to the 1-2 percent brokerage charged by the local real estate agency in Hills. In addition, they have the provision to post property for free, and they are user-friendly to post property online. Because of these edges, these online real estate platforms became more popular than the traditional real estate agency mechanism. In spite of this edge, most of the hill property sellers are not comfortable with this online property portal mechanism because these property portals do not go beyond providing buyer leads.

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