All the Pinterest shopping features you need to know in 2022

9 out of 10 Pinners use the platform to shop for inspiration. And, 98% of all Pinterest users say they’ve tried a new brand they found on the platform. Can you shop on Pinterest? Yes… and no. In most cases, you can’t just browse and pay for items on Pinterest. You still need an e-commerce site to handle the actual purchase.

How to Get Started With Shopping Pinterest

But that could soon change. Pinterest is experimenting mexican phone numbers in mexico with in-app checkout, so users don’t have to leave the site to make a purchase. This feature is limited to specific Product Pins for iOS or Android users in the US, but expect it to roll out to more locations soon. Meanwhile, unique Product Pin designs, smart ads, and other shopping tools make it easy for people to find, discover, and buy your products on Pinterest. How can brands benefit from Pinterest shopping? 48% of Americans made a purchase on a social network in 2021. Not just online, but mostly from social media platforms.

Add Product Tags to the Pins Image

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Now with Pinterest’s new shopping tool, they’re even more likely to buy what they see there. Pinners spend twice as much as non-Pinners per month Pinterest users love to shop. Compared to non-Pinners, weekly active Pinners spend twice as much Cameroon Phone Number List shopping per month and have 85% larger order sizes. Pinterest’s shopping tool is worth using. Most are free, although paid shopping ads can increase your results even more with conversions of up to 300%! Pinterest shopping feature explained Product Pins Formerly known as Shoppable Pins, Product Pins are similar to regular Pins but have a unique design to highlight your product information, including a specific title and description, price and availability. A small price tag in the corner makes it clear that these items are available for purchase. Pinterest Shop with Product Pins When clicked, the Pin displays additional information only available on Product Pins

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