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The Effie Awards attracts the eyes of the entire industry, and the applications are primarily assess for the business effectiveness of the campaign. Placing Semahead among the top Polish agencies is a great distinction for us and a high evaluation of the work we do on a daily basis. performance campaign for Vitkac The Semahead agency was appreciat for the campaign carri out for the luxury fashion house Vitkac. Our target group were people interest in the latest products from the collections of top fashion designers, such as Gucci, Saint Laurent and Burberry. By Semahead specialists allow us not only to achieve our goals, but also significantly exce them.

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The key to success were business intelligence activities , which allow to better reach the high-end customer, and the design thinking methodology us in the conceptual process allow for a better understanding of the extremely demanding target group. Semahead among the most popular brands  again plac us among the most important players on the digital Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List market in Poland. The nominees includ: OLX, Storytel, TVN, Philips, Ikea, Skoda, Samsung, Henkel, Onet, PEKAO, Nestle, Lidl, Toyota, mBank, ING, The Coca-Cola Company, Renault, Maspex, PepsiCO, Freightliner or Huawei. Effie Awards – the most important competition for marketers The history of the Effie Awards dates back to.

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It was then that the American Marketing Association for the first time decid to reward activities that lead to business growth in an innovative way – thus setting efficiency standards. All forms of marketing activities are award : traditional and alternative, digital and print, paid and pro bono. In Poland, since , the Association of Marketing Communication SAR has been responsible for its implementation. It is worth noting that the nominat and award campaigns are includ in the Effie Index, which every year becomes a global indicator of LOB Directory marketing effectiveness , thus setting current trends.

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