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Delivery of the product

Service is not delay in line with the agre price. Evaluation During this phase the performance of[…]

Accru income and the differences

Explain the types of expenses and income and illustrative examples of each type. It’s critical for anyone[…]

Expenses Advance expenses

Appear in the income statement but in current assets because it is the right of the company[…]

Company’s accounts payable

Payments are consum immiately and are not deferr. Accru expenses include payments that have been deferr but[…]

Disadvantages and challenges

Disadvantages and  The most prominent one is the fierce competition. There are many companies and individuals using[…]

Brand that trusts marketing

The difference lies in how these tools are us. Electronic marketing focuses on attracting customers and promoting[…]

Electronic Marketing Advantages

Electronic Marketing Reaching Prospective Customers One of the advantages of electronic marketing is that it is easier[…]

Promotional process of using

Social mia platforms to promote your brand, engage with your target audience, and increase customer numbers and[…]

Provide services or provide

Products at a later date under an agreement with the customer. Accru Revenue It includes the amount[…]

Revenue represents temporary

Prepaid expenses are report as expenses in the accounting books while accru revenue is report as revenue.[…]

Selling of goods and services

The internet such as Amazon Marketplace which is consider the largest marketplace for buying and selling on[…]

Consumer to businesse commerce

Ecommerce model This model is very simple. You build an online store to display various products that[…]

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